Why choose Planchers Locas for your floor work?

Jan 8, 2019Tips

Wood is a warm and timeless material, a true star of interior design for decades. Also, if you buy a house or a business in Quebec, there is a good chance that you inherit a hardwood floor. To give it back its original charm, you will certainly have to repair it or sandblast the floor. If you live in Laval, on the North Shore or west of Montreal (West Island), you will find many companies that offer such flooring. So, why entrust them to Planchers Locas? Find out in this article.


Competent and experienced professionals


When it comes to choosing a company to carry out work in your home or shop, you obviously want to find the best in your area. To achieve this, we advise you to look at years of experience, certifications and affiliations with reputable organizations.
At Planchers Locas, we have been working in the hardwood floor business for over 20 years. We started our business in 1995 and we had the opportunity to work on many projects: repair, sandblasting, varnishing, installation and renovation. All these years of experience have allowed us to strengthen our know-how and our knowledge of the profession.
As construction professionals, we are also required to hold a RBQ license which certifies our skills. We obviously have ours, in addition to a license from the CCQ. So many excellent reasons to entrust us with your floor work!



Superior quality products


To achieve excellent floor work, with impeccable finishes, it is essential to use good products. It is not absolutely necessary to choose the most expensive on the market, but you must certainly not take the low end.
In our company, we are sensitive to ecology and we refuse to work with products that pollute and can be dangerous for our health and that of our customers. Also, we decided to use water-based varnishes. They are 100% ecological and harmless products that are nevertheless effective and durable.
Among our values, there is also support for Quebec entrepreneurs. That’s why we work exclusively with Finitec expert brand products, which has offices in Chaudière-Appalaches. So, calling on our services for sandblasting or repair is doubly supportive of Canadian artisans.

An excellent reputation


The means of communication may change, but the best method to find a good company remains the word of mouth and the testimony of former customers. So, do not hesitate to inquire about a company before requesting a quote or even to hire it. You will see, competent professionals are often known!
In twenty years, Planchers Locas has been employed on over a hundred projects, from the simplest to the most complex, for a residential and commercial clientele. Floor sanding, varnishing, floor laying, repair, we did everything! Thanks to this, we are now well known throughout Greater Montreal, particularly on the North Shore, in Laval and in West Montreal (West Island).
Ask around, to your neighbors, colleagues or friends, you will only have good feedback about us. We’ve compiled some of them on our site, check them out right now!


A reliable team at your service


When you hire a company to do floor work, the main goal is to achieve a result that meets our expectations, whether for a repair, varnishing or sandblasting hardwood floor. But, if we can also deal with serious professionals attentive to our needs, it’s even better.
In 1995, we founded Planchers Locas with the aim of satisfying each of our customers. Also, we strive every day to give the best of ourselves and to offer an excellent service. To do this, we are always punctual and honest. We do not make you wait, we do not fall behind our sites and we only recommend products that can really help you.

At the end of our work, we do not disappear and we do not let you down. We are always reachable if you have questions and, in case of problems, know that our work is guaranteed and that we have liability insurance: a real advantage for you!

Finding a good contractor for floor work in the Montreal area is not necessarily obvious. There are so many choices that you can quickly and easely get lost. Hirering our company, Planchers Locas, is the certainty of getting a great job. Our experience suggests it and our reputation confirms it. So, if you are located on the North Shore, in Laval or west of Montreal (West Island), call us at (514) 603-7588. We will be pleased to offer our services of hardwood floor sandblasting, varnishing, renovation and repair.