All you need to know about wood floor sanding

Feb 11, 2019Tips

Choosing a hardwood floor for your home or business means opting for an easy-maintenance floor covering with a natural charm and durable. You may not know it, but a hardwood floor can be kept for decades thanks to a very interesting process, floor sanding. At Locas Floors, we are specialists in the field. So, find out all you need to know about it.

Give a second life to your wood floor


Sandblasting is a technique for refurbishing hardwood and marquetry floors. Concretely, you have to remove the varnish from your floor, to sand the wood evenly to remove scratches and other signs of wear, then to varnish it again. So that it regains its original appearance. This can be done a dozen times, as soon as your floor is damaged, and thus greatly extend its life.

To make a good floor sanding, you need an excellent know-how and to have a good equipment, in particular sanders/sandblasters and powerful vacuum cleaners. The best is to be equipped with machines of different sizes to be able to go in all the corners and to do a regular work.
At Plancher Locas, we offer a turnkey floor sanding service. Thus we operate for sandblasting and varnishing. We can also stain your floor, if you want to change color (find out more). So call us, to make refurbish your wood floor.


Procédé économique et écologique

An affordable and ecological technique


Wood is the most ecological flooring in Quebec. On the one hand, it’s a natural and clean material, unlike the plastic which used for making vinyl or linoleum. On the other hand, it’s an abundant local material. Thus there is a low-pollution due to transport, unlike natural stone.

In addition to all these benefits, wood flooring can last a lifetime through floor sanding! Indeed, this technique allows you to keep your hardwood floor or marquetry for many years. You can save your money and the environment!

To conclude, know that sandblasting is an economical alternative to replacing your current floor and buying a new one. Think about it and contact us to find out more.

Plancher rénové et sablé

A guaranteed free-dust technique

A few years ago, sandblasting had a bad reputation because of the dust it generated. This dust settled throughout the house and the ventilation system, etc. Today, this is no longer the case.

The technological progress insures you a 97% dust-free floor sanding. We can reach this result thanks to innovative sandblasters connected to vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filters. Thus, the dust is sucked directly and does not spread in the air.

Call Plancher Locas for a free-dust sanding. With our expertise, say goodbye to allergies, asthma and cleaning issues. Join us to get a free estimation.

You’re right to want to keep your wooden floor as long as possible. Our service of sandblasting renovation is the solution. Discover our know-how and the quality of our work by visiting our page, then call us at (514) 603-7588 to make an appointment. We operate with residential and commercial clients on the West Island or on Laval and Montréal North-Shore.