We also undertake the maintenance and repair of hardwood flooring (batten woods or parquet) that have been damaged by water, for a renovation work or to match a new flooring with an existing one after the pulling down of a wall.


Do you want to get back a glossy and strong hardwood flooring? We offer a 3 step refection process. We scrub and polish your flooring and we apply a finishing coat. This will not affect the marking on your flooring but it will gain back its luster and strength. Check out our price list.

floor refection


floor maintenance

To ensure a longer lifespan for your hardwood flooring :

Tread on it as less as possible in the first 7 days.

Use felt protective plates that can be placed underneath your furniture to prevent scratches. NEVER WAX YOUR FLOORING, for example, with: Murphie oil, cleaning agents, Hertel, wax, etc. Regularly cut your dog’s claws. Clean your wooden flooring with a damp towel and immediately wipe it dry. For Finitec products, you can find cleaning products designed specially for your wooden flooring that are on sale at Peinture Micca for $25.

Other services

In addition to our hardwood flooring maintenance and repair services, we also install hardwood flooring, as well as sanding and varnishing. Do not hesitate to visit our web page to learn more about our services and our achievements, to check out our achievements through pictures and perhaps to submit a quote request online today!

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