Give Life Back to Your Floor With Our Floor Renovation Services

Mar 4, 2019Renovation

Have you just bought a property with a hardwood floor in need of restoration? Are you looking to add value to your home or your shop before selling it? Or, have you just noticed that your flooring is damaged? Floor renovation is the solution to all these concerns. Find out when and how to do such work with Planchers Locas, the specialists in hardwood floor restoration. (Find out more).


Signs That Your Floor Needs Renovation


Over the years, even the best hardwood floor will inevitably tarnish and wear out. Such deterioration is completely normal. This is due to temperature changes and light exposure. However, if the floor is at a high traffic area, in a shop for instance, or had suffered from several accidents, it can lead to a faster wear and tear process.
There are various types of wear, and each of them requires very specific treatments. At Planchers Locas, we are regularly asked to fix damaged, cracked or displaced slats, hardwood that has lost its color and shine, or a floor that has been oversanded. In all cases, we systematically offer a floor renovation service that is fully adapted to the needs and expectations of our customers.


Different Types of Hardwood Floor Renovation


Depending on the condition of your floor, your budget, and the result you are looking for, there are several floor restoration options available to you. Some of them are simple, quick to perform and at a low cost, while others are more complex and require more time and money.
If you simply want to give your hardwood floor back its shine, without covering signs of wear, varnishing your floor should be enough. To change the color of your floor, you should think about staining it. However, if you need a more complete floor renovation, floor sanding (find out more) and floor repair might be what you are looking for.
These last two techniques will allow you to have a full makeover of your floor. The first technique will remove all stains and scratches, and in the second one consists of replacing the damaged or moved slats. As you can see, every deterioration has its own solution!


The Essential Steps for a Good Floor Renovation


Before beginning any kind of work, it is necessary to accurately determine your goals, your time, and your budget. These elements will allow you to choose the floor restoration technique that best fits your circumstances.
After deciding whether you want to sand, to stain, to repair or to varnish your floor, it’s time for you to prepare your interior for this floor renovation. Whether it’s in a house or a business, it is important to remove all furniture and thoroughly clean the floor beforehand.
Finally, the last step is the work itself. Take the time to ask questions and do not hesitate to call on professionals to ask for advice, even if you want to do the work yourself, they will be able to show you the best tools and products. However, if you have any doubt about your abilities, we strongly advise you to retain the services of a company such as ours. This way, an impeccable result is ensured.

Planchers Locas is specialized in hardwood floors renovation. Our strong know-how allows us to carry out all types of work, from simple work such as floor varnishing and floor sanding to more complex ones, such as floor staining and floor repair. Therefore, if you are located in Laval, on the North Shore or West of Montreal (West Island), contact us, you will not regret it! You can now request a quote online or call us at (514) 603-7588. Looking forward to helping you!