5 Reasons to Call Planchers Locas for the Sanding of your Floors

Apr 9, 2019Tips

For an efficient hardwood floor renovation, floor sanding is essential. This technique that we have introduced in a previous article makes any hardwood floor look like new. However, this needs very specific tools and know-how, so it’s widely advised to call a specialist company to get good results and avoid any damages. If you are on the West Island, on the North Shore of Montreal, or even in the Laval area, you have 5 good reasons to choose Planchers Locas for your floor sanding needs. Let’s find them out in this article.

Dust Free Floor Sanding


For a long time, one of the disadvantages of floor sanding was that it creates too much dust. Following such process, we could find dust everywhere, even in the duct systems, which is not only troublesome in terms of cleanliness, but it can also be hazardous to your health, especially to people with asthma or allergies.
Nowadays, thanks to technological progress, there are sandblasters directly connected to powerful vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters. At Planchers Locas, we have this equipment, which allows us to guarantee a floor sanding process that is 97% dust free! Non-professional will have trouble handling such technology, and not all floor renovation companies are equipped with this tool. To own and master such technology helps us stand out from competitors.


A Versatile Team


Your floor sanding needs may vary according to the type of hardwood floor you have and its condition. A floor made by a craftsman and one varnished in a factory certainly don’t require the same treatment, same for a tinted and an untinted floor. Rest assured, professionals from Planchers Locas can take care of your floor, no matter your needs!
Thanks to our skills and our 20 years of experience in the industry, we can basically sand all types of floor, except engineered floors, which are too thin to undergo such procedure. Besides sanding, we also offer floor varnishing and staining. Such versatility is another one of our strengths.


Excellent Material


In order to do a good floor sanding job, a strong know-how and a sound knowledge are required, indeed, but also high quality equipment. As far as tools are concerned, at Planchers Locas, we use state-of-the-art professional sanders and sand blasters. This allows us to offer a service well above our competitors that fully lives up to your expectations.
We also pay close attention to the material we use in the final stages of the hardwood floors sanding process, namely the varnishing and the tinting. Only local products from the Quebec brand Finitec expert are used, because their varnishes are water-based and therefore 100% eco-friendly.



A Turnkey Service


Entrusting your floor sanding project to a specialized company represents a major advantage, which is simplifying your life. You just have to remove your furniture from the room where the floor renovation will take place and clean the floor. Then, the company takes care of the rest: sanding, varnishing, tinting, and cleaning. This could take up to two days with the drying time, but during those two days, you have complete peace of mind.
I would be even more beneficial if you call our company, because we offer complete and personalized service. It means that we fully adapt to your needs and deadlines in order to better meet your requirements. We are punctual and we ensure good follow up with each of our customers, from either residential or commercial areas, to ensure their satisfaction and to give them advice on maintenance.


A Solid Experience


Hardwood floor sanding is not something that can be improvised. First of all, it requires some equipment, and most importantly, having real experience in both, the field of wood and flooring is a must. It is absolutely necessary to know the properties of wood to be able to work with it, just as it is important to have knowledge of flooring in order to do floor renovation.
Planchers Locas is a company founded in 1995. So we’ve been doing hardwood floor sanding for over 20 years. During all these years, we have worked on numerous projects, both residential and commercial, which allowed us to develop our skills and to master the art of floor renovation. Check out the testimonials of our customers ; they will know how to better convince you of our experience.

As you can see from reading this article, Planchers Locas is a reliable and competent hardwood flooring renovation company. So if you are looking for a floor sanding service and you live on the North Shore, the on the West Island, or in Laval, request a quote online or contact us. We are reachable by phone at (514) 603-7588, or by email, by filling out the form on our contact page.