Installation of hardwood flooring on the North Shore of Montreal and in West Island

Plancher Locas offers hardwood batten flooring installation services.

Types and categories of wood: Oak, maple tree, cherry-wood, ash, beech.

On special order: cherry wood and walnut wood

Wood qualities: No 1 clear, select, pacific, natural or rustic.

Different sizes of hardwood battens:
4″1/4, 3″1/4, 2″1/2, 2″1/4, 2″ and 1″3/4.

Laying of flooring (marquetery)

The price of the wood and the installation cost are less than the batten wood.

We specially recommend them for basements where the humidity level is normally high.

Other services

Besides the installation of hardwood flooring, we also perform floor sanding and varnishing, as well as floor repair and maintenance.
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