Our Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor

May 3, 2019Tips

If you have a nice hardwood floor in your business or home, you probably want to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. For this, there is no secret, you must perform a regular optimal maintenance. You do not know how? Let Planchers Locas show you how, the hardwood flooring experts in West Island and on the North Shore of Montreal.


Use Specialized Equipment for Cleaning

A hardwood floor is easy to maintain, just sweep it regularly to remove dust and small debris that may scratch it, then clean it with good products and tools.

You must opt for a specialized cleaner, because it allows you to better clean your floor based on your flooring. Indeed, all-purpose cleaning products can damage the wood, tarnish the floor finish, and leave behind an oily residue. Since we use Finitec varnishes, we recommend using cleaners of the same brand. Yet, we strongly discourage waxing your floors, neither with liquid wax nor oil.

When it comes to tools, do not use a water-soaked mop, as this may dilate your hardwood floor and eventually deform it.  Instead, use a wipe on which you will spray the cleaning product. Now, you can clean your floor smoothly and efficiently.

Trust us, by following these simple tips your hardwood floor will shine like you just have it done!


Refinish Your Floor on Time

After a few years of existence, it is quite normal that your hardwood floor gets dull, especially if it is at a high traffic area. In this case, even regular maintenance with the best products and tools cannot revive your floor. The solution? Floor refinishing!

More affordable than a floor renovation, this simpler process involves removing grease stains from your hardwood floor, then polishing and finally varnishing. A floor refinishing is neither a sandblasting nor a repair, it will neither erase the scratches nor replace the damaged planks, but it does restore all its shine to your flooring. If your floor is not damaged, this is a great deal. Plus, it can be done many times.

At Planchers Locas, we offer hardwood floor refinishing services, which include the application of two coats of varnish. High quality services at a competitive price! Visit our repair and maintenance page for more information.


Do Not Wait Too Long to Start Your Floor Renovation Project

Properly maintaining your hardwood floor also means renovating it when necessary. Of course, if your floor has big scratches that are impossible to hide or damaged planks, a simple cleaning or even a floor refinishing can’t do much. In this case, floor renovation is what you need.  

Needless to say, a floor renovation is not cheap, whether it’s a repair or a floor sanding project. However, it is important not to waste time thinking too much, because meanwhile your hardwood floor continues to deteriorate. For example, a gap between the planks can shift other planks.

Depending on your situation and your budget, several options are available to you. Find them out in our article on floor renovation. If you need professional advice to make your decision, do not hesitate to contact us, we can provide you with a diagnosis of your flooring by coming directly to you, both at your home or at the premises of your company.

Good hardwood floor maintenance includes the use of specialized cleaning equipment, floor refinishing at the right time and floor renovation when necessary. If you are on the North Shore of Montreal, in Laval, or in West Island, call us at (514) 603-7588 to benefit from our advice or to request our maintenance and floor renovation services. We would be delighted to help you!