5 Benefits of Floor Repair

Jun 7, 2019Renovation

Over the years, even the best hardwood floor will wear out, due to light exposure, everyday traffic, and accidents. Then, the idea of installing brand new flooring may be tempting. Yet, floor repair is a way more interesting option for you. Find out why in this article by Planchers Locas, hardwood floor experts on the North Shore of Montreal and in West Island.

An Eco-friendly Option

Since wood is a natural material produced in large quantities in Quebec, having a hardwood floor installed in your home or business is already an eco-friendly choice, but if you have it repaired when it is worn out instead of changing it, it’s even better!
Floor repair is a simple way to contribute to sustainable development. Indeed, by choosing to restore a tarnished hardwood floor rather than get rid of it and install a new one, you reduce waste and you avoid the design of new products. Hence, there is zero negative impact on the environment, and you can enjoy a beautiful floor.

An Economic Alternative

If you have a tight budget or just want to spend wisely, floor repair is very interesting option for you. Instead of paying for a brand new flooring, you only make the necessary repairs. For example, if only a few slats of your hardwood floor are damaged, you will only have to replace those. It is obviously very beneficial and much cheaper!
Moreover, choosing our company, Planchers Locas, will benefit you from competitive rates. To find out more, consult our price list or request a quote online).

A Way to Extend the Lifetime of Your Flooring

So far, we have seen why floor repair is the most ecological and economical way to take care of your flooring, but you got to know that it is also a great move if you want to enjoy your floor for a bit longer by extending its lifetime.
In fact, a properly done floor repair can keep your flooring in good condition for years and thus, postpone the installation of a new hardwood floor or sandblasting. For example, applying a new coat of varnish on your hardwood floor restores its shine for 5 to 10 years! Floor repair plays a non-negligible role in saving of time.

Options Adapted to All Situations

As there is a solution to every problem, there is a repair technique to every type of floor damage. Hence, whatever your concern, you will find your solution by calling on hardwood flooring professionals like us.
Your floor is dull? Varnish your flooring. You want to change its color to update your decoration? Stain your flooring. Some slats are discolored or scratched? Request a slat replacement. Everything is possible, simply enlist the services of a hardwood floor repair company!
Planchers Locas offers all kinds of floor restoration services. Find them out on our repair and maintenance page, then contact us to learn more.

A Must-Read Before Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a complete renovation process that restores your entire hardwood flooring. Very effective, this technique is recommended when you need more than a simple floor repair, since it covers scratches and removes old varnish (find out more).
Our company offers an excellent floor sanding service. However, during our visit at your house or at your business, if it deems that a simple repair service would be more beneficial for you and that we can still wait a few more years for sandblasting, be assured that we will recommend the repair service, which is actually a good step prior to sandblasting anyway.

As you can see, floor repairs have many benefits. For the best possible service ever, call on real hardwood flooring professionals, like Planchers Locas, if you are on the North Shore, in Laval or in West Island. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us today at (514) 603-7588, we will be pleased to help you!